Breezy By Muck Look Book


Introduce the new line of Breezy by Muck to fashion stores like Nordstrom as a fashion first yet still functional product. The concept was a forecast of 2015, with Breezy by Muck being able to take on any occasion while still looking great. We shot the product and models in various weather and activities to show the versatility of this new line.


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Minuteman Health Campaign



Every successful brand has a story to tell,
This is the one we wrote for Minuteman Health

Healthcare costs are a critical concern for everyone today. But year after year, access to quality
care seems to go down and costs continue to go up. It’s time for someone to say “No” to the status quo.
It’s time for a disruptive, new idea. It’s time for Minuteman Health.

Minuteman Health is a non-profit, member owned health plan where hospitals, doctors,
and the insurance provider all work together on the same team with the same incentives
to find smarter ways to be efficient and reduce costs. One organization working
in cooperation, not competition. What a concept.

Minuteman Health also provides the quality care you expect, from a network
of many of the best Massachusetts hospitals and physicians.

Each member of Minuteman has a voice in how his or her care is provided. And at the end of the year,
any profits are returned in the form of lower premiums or added benefits.

Minuteman Health. Affordable health insurance for small businesses and their employees,
with everyone working together to battle costs and share the rewards – that’s truly revolutionary.

Minuteman Health

Campaign Overview

Movement :30

30 second hero spot.

Posters :15

15 second spot.