Breezy By Muck Look Book


Introduce the new line of Breezy by Muck to fashion stores like Nordstrom as a fashion first yet still functional product. The concept was a forecast of 2015, with Breezy by Muck being able to take on any occasion while still looking great. We shot the product and models in various weather and activities to show the versatility of this new line.


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Perks Platform


Perks connects companies to amazing employee benefits that are demanded
by today’s employees. For the past few years Perks has been doing this in person by hosting
an annual convention. After years of success they looked to bring the experience online.




Perks is a place for HR and Office managers to escape the boring experiences
they’ve been dealing with for years. Perks is fun, informative, to the point, and easy to use.
But Perks also has to be an attractive platform for vendors as well.
With all of this in mind we created the experience below.



Home Page

This site has many jobs, and the homepage has to do a little bit of everything.
First and foremost, show off all the Perks available to people who signup.
Each improving life at work in one way or another. Then we need to explain exactly what are Perks,
the products and the companies we connect you too.


Become A Perk

Perks is only as good as the partners they attract.
This page shows the benefits and the requirements of becoming a Perk.


Perk Overview Page

This page is how you’ll discover any of the Perks you may need.


After awhile or clicking into a Perk, you’ll be prompted to sign up.


Perk Detail Page

This is each and every Perk to show off what they’ve got. We’ve stocked this page full of options for them.
This page had to be very flexible because each and every Perk is unique.




A bunch of emails users will get throughout their experience.
I designed these straight in an email editor.



E-book to promote Perks and their partners.

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