Future Faces


A Future Human is someone that embraces technology to spread ideas and communicate.
And because of that is someone who’s a mix of cultures, ideas, languages, backgrounds.
A future human can be young, old, black, white, straight, gay, trans, and everything in between.

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Minuteman Health Campaign



Every successful brand has a story to tell,
This is the one we wrote for Minuteman Health

Healthcare costs are a critical concern for everyone today. But year after year, access to quality
care seems to go down and costs continue to go up. It’s time for someone to say “No” to the status quo.
It’s time for a disruptive, new idea. It’s time for Minuteman Health.

Minuteman Health is a non-profit, member owned health plan where hospitals, doctors,
and the insurance provider all work together on the same team with the same incentives
to find smarter ways to be efficient and reduce costs. One organization working
in cooperation, not competition. What a concept.

Minuteman Health also provides the quality care you expect, from a network
of many of the best Massachusetts hospitals and physicians.

Each member of Minuteman has a voice in how his or her care is provided. And at the end of the year,
any profits are returned in the form of lower premiums or added benefits.

Minuteman Health. Affordable health insurance for small businesses and their employees,
with everyone working together to battle costs and share the rewards – that’s truly revolutionary.

Minuteman Health

Campaign Overview

Movement :30

30 second hero spot.

Posters :15

15 second spot.

SilverSneakers Campaign



A life well lived is something we all strive for. But living life to the fullest – now that’s the good stuff.
Especially as everyone gets older. At SilverSneakers, it’s paramount to who we are and what we do.
In fact, it’s our whole objective: enable seniors to achieve whatever they set their minds to.  

There’s no better feeling than knowing we’re helping them challenge convention. Helping smash stereotypes.
Helping defy odds. And most importantly, to just generally live their best lives.

Whether it’s fitness, nutrition, camaraderie or overall well-being, we’re here to improve, support, enable and inspire.
Here to help all our participants keep living a life in motion. Here to make sure they’re able to live life well.



Collection of outdoor boards for various markets, audiences, and partners.

People Magazine Cover Wrap

Magazine take over in doctors offices in Pittsburgh and Nashville.

 Newspaper Polybag

Newspaper bag with a fun twist.

News Paper Post Its

These post its appear on top of newspapers that we have ads inside.

Magazine Cluster Ads

Three different magazine ads for different target audiences.


Landing Page

Landing page for all media. Each landing page was slightly customized based on point of entrance.



Unique Modules

We created a few unique modules depending on target audiences and what media they came from.


Silver Sneakers Overview


Geo-Targeted Partner Locations



Fitness Classes




Slobbr Brand



For the 2016 AdClub Brandathon, we were assigned Slobbr. An app
that connects you to do friendly places, products, and moments with your dog.
We had 72 hours to create their brand and then present it to 300+ people.
Here’s what we did.


Part 1: Teaser

Slobbr will roll out market by market, so we thought it was important
to include materials for teasing what’s to come.



Teaser Video

This video would live on geo-targeted landingpage.


Droll Hour

To keep the conversation going, we’ll tap into your daily 3pm
lull at work and only serve up the best dog content you need to see today.


Instagram Post to Promote


Landing Page


Snapchat Filter

Works just as well on dogs, as it does on humans.




Phase 2: Activation Campaign

Slobbr is now in your market, how do we get people to start using?



:30 Second Spot

In an ideal world, this would be an actual :30, but since we only had 72 hours, it is what it is.


Contextual Posters

A gentle reminder of who’s patiently waiting, and now you don’t have to do that.


Doggy Day Care Partnership

Slobbr can connect you even while you’re on vacation or at work.
We’ll use this original content on social to show even more ways
that you can always be together.





We’ll leverage Slobbr’s influencer partners to promote them organically.



There are more dog friendly places than you think.

Slobbr already has hundreds or partners in your city, we just have to let them know.



We love our pets, but unfortunately they can’t go everywhere.

Maybe there’s a way Slobbr can change that. With an addition to their app,
if you ever find yourself at an non-dog friendly place, lets mark it and send them a tweet.



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Step 3: Enhanced Kibble Counter

Each check in a user makes, Slobbr donates half a cup of kibble to a shelter.
This is a fantastic idea, and we’re gonna make it even better. How? by turning it into a competition.
Why? A) Businesses want more customers, B) Who doesn’t like helping pups?
At the end of the month we’ll announce the winner with a joint event.



The Night Of

To kick things off right, we decided to host our own kibble event.
We got donations from Polka Dog Bakery, Pawblo Piccaso, and Shultz Guest House
brought some dogs up for adoption.