Culligan Overview:
A Refreshing Take
On A Classic Brand

In just 12 months partnering with Culligan we have reimagined their digital experience across all three main service lines, as well as their international holding company. We’ve consolidated nearly 500+ independent dealer websites onto, launched a new blog with rich content, and drove a dramatic increase in leads with paid social.

Culligan By The Numbers

Percent Lift in Leads

Percent Lift in Answer Boxes

Rank in YouTube

Percent Increase in Conversions on

Culligan Projects

Website Redesign

Complete overhaul of their Residential, Corporate, and Office service line websites. Including e-commerce capabilities with localized pricing, a local dealer consolidation effort, and overhaul of their blog.

Content Program

Rich SEO-centric content focused around 7 different personas identified as being key Culligan customers. Content included long-form articles, infographics, video, and more.

Performance Creative

Support their lead gen efforts with thumb-stopping benefit-centric creative.

A Reimagined

Not just a new look, but a totally new experience. The new was created after countless user studies, A/B tests, and rounds and rounds of feedback and interviews from key corporate and dealer stakeholders to ultimately shape the new experience today. While the best websites are never really finished so far we have launched the core e-commerce pages on the Residential site, a new blog, a new cohesive and a centralized dealer experience. We have also launched Phase 1 of the Industrial and Office business lines as well.

Becoming a Content Producer

Google rewards consistent quality content, and in a category with low consumer knowledge, that was music to our ears. We set out with a content cluster strategy, creating persona-centric content spread across the wide variety of content types of articles, graphics, video, and infographics to give our audience the right type of content when they needed it.

Driving greater leads than ever before

Just because we build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. To really drive traffic and leads to the website and robust content we created numerous lead-gen campaigns that help break down the benefits of better water.