Proving B2B doesn’t mean Boring to Boring

With the primary goal of driving leads, we drove Vonage’s business performance to new heights with a full funnel strategy and creative that was anything but boring.

Vonage by the numbers

Percent Increase in CTR

Percent Lower Cost Per lead

Percent Increase In Lead Volume

Percent Lower Cost Per Landing Page View


Creative Concepts

Unique Assets

Very Happy Client

Creative Approach

Benefit Driven

We’ll spend more time on how Vonage benefits our customers professional and sometimes personal life, and less time on specs and features. 

Positive Focus

Vonage solves a problem, or most times many problems for our customers. We’ll tell this story as often as we can in a positive and empowering way.

Built For Media

Thumb stopping. Funny. Stories. Motion. We can’t connect to our customers if we don’t engage with them. Our challenge each and every campaign is to break through the clutter.

Mobility Campaign

Sometimes you just need too work remotely

An emergency at home, a change in weather, or waiting for the UPS guy to show up.
We’ve all had to stay home at one time or another.
But with Vonage, you’ll be sure to never skip a beat. 

The Cloud That Does it All

Did you know that with device-agnostic voice calls, data connectivity, conferencing services and unified communication collaboration tools, Vonage Business’ hosted VoIP solution provides enterprise-level performance at an often lower per-seat cost for companies? Maybe. But all what really matters is that Vonage cloud can be completely unique to your needs. 

One bad experience could be their last

All it takes is one negative experience to ruin a relationship. The airline that sent your luggage to Paris, Texas as you landed in France. The warm beer you beat the crowd back to get from the bar. The inappropriate website redirect you encountered at work…these things usually only happen once. Too-Tan-Stan won’t get a second date, but Vonage ensures every interaction with your business exceeds expectations to keep customers coming back.